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Our Services 

The Kit Cat Service Center specializes in parts, basic repairs and faithfully restored clocks for sale. We can give your cherished family heirloom or newly  acquired purchase a new lease on life.

Since these clocks were made and varied over many decades, the cost to service will vary depending on age and general condition. It is very difficult, if not impossible for us to give an accurate estimate without actually seeing the clock. For us to maintain our reputation for providing quality service as well as offer a warranty on our work, we almost always follow the procedure outlined below.

Upon receipt, we will carefully unpack, checking for any loose parts or damage that may have occurred in shipment. Your clock and contact info then go into our uniform boxes marked with your ID to eliminate any possibility of mix up with similar clocks. 

We will completely disassemble, carefully clean inside and out, inspect for issues and then contact you with an accurate cost to repair. If your clock is one of the jeweled versions, we will also check for missing or loose stones and figure in replacements using the correct matching Swarovski crystals as applied by the factory when new. 

If approved, we will inspect and adjust the movement, checking for any binding or other issues that may affect reliability or motor life.  The motor is the heart and for us to offer our one year warranty and in some cases, a 10 year pro-rated motor warranty, we almost always will replace the motor with a new or rebuilt one. 

We will reassemble with proper lubrication and then test for several days to assure smooth running and accurate timekeeping before returning. 

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