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Shipping & Returns

Sending us a clock or motor for service?  Please pack carefully..bubble wrap and foam packing peanuts in a sturdy box... A flimsy shoe box and newspaper almost assures a broken clock.  Be sure to enclose your contact, address, phone, email, etc.    Send to us at:

Kit Cat Service Center

PO Box 2682

Lyons, CO. 80540

Return & Exchanges

In the unlikely event that you have a problem or issue, please contact us prior to returning. We are very often able to help customers troubleshoot problems which are usually a result of rough handling by the shipping carrier. Have the clock and a couple of small screwdrivers (especially Phillips) at hand along with someone who has basic mechanical aptitude.  TIP:  Before doing anything else,  give the eyeballs a gentle nudge from side to side, clock plugged in, which will sometimes "jump start" the clock and return it to normal operation. 

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