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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I just buy parts and fix it myself?
    While you certainly can just buy parts from us, you will be the best judge of you ability to successfully service. As simple as these appear, there are a number of pitfalls and they can sometimes be very frustrating. A fresh motor is extremely important and should never be installed in a clock that has not been properly serviced. That entails complete disassembly, carefull cleaning inside and out, movement inspected/adjusted/checked for binding, reassembled with proper lubrication and tested. We do offer an illustrated 6 page service guide that can be helpfull but no sustitute for experience and as you can see, our labor charge for doing a service is very reasonable so most folks just save the brain damage and send it to us. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support to those who choose the D.I.Y. approach...kind of on your own. Of course, we cannot warranty the work of others and items like motors, even new or rebuilt, can fail in a very short time if just put into a clock that has not been properly serviced.
  • Do you repair the newer battery kit cat clocks or others?
    Nope, sorry. We only do what we know best...bringing the classic vintage electric/plug in Kit Cat and Friends back to their former glory. California Clock Company at can assist you with service providers for the battery versions.
  • Can you convert my battery to an electric or vice versa?
    Nope, sorry but they are totall different inside and cannot be converted. Plus in the case of converting an electric to battery, you would be taking a valuable collectible clock and turning it into a much less valuable and reliable version.
  • How can I tell how old my clock is?
    Unfortunately there is much misinformation out there, especially on eBay, regarding how old a clock is. Generally impossible to date exactly but one can usually get within a few years or at least decade. Please see the link to dating on our "fun stuff" page.
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