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Typical Service Charges

While the cost of service depends on the individual clock,

here are some typical charges.

Basic Service Fee (disassemble, clean inside and out, inspect/adjust movement, reassemble with proper lubrication and test-  $25.00 to $35.00

Motor Replacement-  we have new motors built for some clocks- $65.00 and other clocks will require rebuilding yours- $37.50

Jewel Replacement- we always check for loose, lackluster or missing stones...may have 3 missing when sent in and 3 dozen after checking. We use the correct matching Swarovski crystals as the factory did and only charge $3.00 per dozen installed which is less then you can buy them for at a hobby store. Makes a HUGE difference in how the clock comes out. 

We offer a multitude of other services for these clocks including repair of broken eye pivots, ear tabs on back and whatever else may be required...cost will vary.

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