Kit Cat Service Center is now offering this newly manufactured motor (110V, 60hz, 3w, 30rpm).. a genuine "Synchron" for replacing the worn out motor in your Vintage plug in Kit Cat Clock, Panda, Owl, Poodle or KC Bear Clocks made by Allied Mfg. and California Clock Co. It will replace any of the motors in early models with a round top/ pear shaped transmission base motor ( 1940s thru mid 70s) as well as any of the later clocks with a WG-500 Intermatic type motor (mid 70s thru early 80s) .It will NOT replace the CM-10 type motor found in the last version of the plug in Kit Cat Clock (1982 to 1990). It's a real work horse that pulls strong and lasts long,, permanently sealed and lubed..does not contain the soft gear prone to deterioration as found in the intermatic motor.
Please note; this particular motor may be slightly taller in height than your original motor.. and in some cases it may be the same height as your original motor. Either way it works very well but in the first case, depending on which model clock you have, may cause a slight bulge to the fit of the back cover. Does not affect proper operation and is virtually invisible once hung on the wall. 
Also; the output shaft on this motor is just a bit larger in diameter than the original and must be refitted with the gear drilled out with a #35 bit. Check our other listings for replacement output shaft gears as well as a listing for this motor pre fitted with a new output shaft gear. We most often recommend a new gear for best performance. Many times the original one will be brittle and crack upon removal and re drilling. 
Also; though this motor is a direct bolt in, it's not necessarily a "plug and play" replacement. It may require slight adjustment to the output gear placement on the shaft and or some shim spacing off the mounting plate with small washers to properly engage animation and timekeeping  function. It must be installed in conjunction with a proper movement service ( disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, reassembly, adjustment). Any binding or excess friction can quickly ruin a new motor.
Kit Cat Service Center specializes in complete repair / restoration services for your pre 1990 electric Kit Cat Clock and it's kitschy critter cousins the Owl, Panda, French Poodle and KC Bear Clocks. We have these motors specially made for this purpose and have installed hundreds of them for our customers with excellent results. It's the longest lasting and strongest running unit available anywhere that we know of.  
Thank you for shopping with us! 

Kit Cat Clock Motor NEW Made in USA